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We Are a Premium Webcam CPA Network

CamsPerformance is the first CPA Network to fully focus on Webcams. The Live Cam Industry is one of the most profitable verticals in the Adult Business, and many Affiliates have made serious money promoting the Top Adult Webcam Sites. What many Webcam affiliate programs lack however, is a commitment to offering perfect Tracking and plenty of custom Promotional material that converts your specific audience.

This is why CamsPerformance was created.

Our Mission is to take the doubt out of the Live Cam marketing and offer you Accurate and Reliable Conversion Tracking which will help you optimize your campaigns to absolute perfection. By using our Custom Smartlinks and Promo Tools you will be able to offer your audience exactly the type of Webcam offer that fits. We understand the need for regularly updated Tools, so we offer you not only precise Tracking, but also custom made Banners, Landing Pages and successful Conversion Funnels.

CamsPerformance also prides itself in handpicking Publishers because we only want the best type of targeted Traffic. Your Profits are also ours, so it is in our best interest to do everything in our Power to help you gather the Biggest returns. Your Success is ours too!

With several years of firsthand experience in the Webcam world, we are confident in saying that we understand the market and know what converts and makes you money. You’re not alone either, let us guide you and help you create The Perfect Smartlink with the best rotated Webcam Offers so you can kick back and let the the monetization machine do the hard work for you.

We believe that is what performance marketing is all about: Automatized statistical data allowing for a completely autonomous environment of conversion optimization. The days of signing up to lots of different Webcam affiliate programs, losing time with postback setups and banner creations are now behind us. We’re serving you all the tools you need on a silver platter..

Join CamsPerformance Today, and start making real Webcam Money with us!


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